Transport Management Systems

General features include

Real time on line information
Export screen information to MS Excel format etc
Drilled down feature
Powerful data analyzer engine
Web based application running on iis.. And language : asp

Administration Module – some administration function highlights
Access rights – User can define the access rights up to function level
Customer rate – This is where the user specifies the rate and during the billing process, the system will automatically pull out all the relevant charges to avoid under, over or miss billing
Driver allowance – Automation of driver commission calculation
Transport charges – Automation of invoice generation

Operation Module
Order entry – acceptance of order
Visual planning – Provides a bird’s eye view of the orders in hand and truck availability to optimize the planning process
Visual tracking – Tracking of activities done throughout the entire delivery process. Can be integrated with GPS tracking for automation.
Documentation – Generation of relevant documents like DO and truck manifest
Document tracking – Ensure that all documents are collected and returned for prompt billing
Driver allowance verification – Final verification of the automated driver commission before payment