GPS Tracking

Replacing the human manual milestones updates functions

- Customer Site Zoning
by postal codes
by address points
drag & mark method on digital map
- Automated (First Factor) distribution milestones updates
- Pre-alert boundary for ETA to final customer destinated site
- Virtual check points updates
- Zone Time Window Monitoring

- Strategic planning includes compiling data for future transportation enforcement & distribution network planning
- Reviewing drivers KPIs & delivery measurement
- Vehicle usage rates analysis & idle time
- Spatial data & distribution hubs management

- ETA tracking & alerts delivery measurement
- Geo-coded automated milestones alert
- Dynamic vehicles re-scheduling
- Security & safety alerts
- Link to messaging engine within system for SMS alert or voice call

- Customers site job delivery, time of arrival & completion milestones listing
- No. of violation of using unauthorized routes or out of pre-defined geo-boundary at unauthorized time zone
- Total Driving Distance
- Total number of jobs using start and stop job events
- Total utilization hours
- Special occurrence of pre-defined events
- Customized reports with standard file interface

Item Features & Functionalities Benefits Remarks

1 Real time or almost real time web visibility Subject set polling frequency and telco data line plan, Visibility provides management control of its vehilces and staff
real time or almost real time visibility avaialble 24X7
Enables user to track & monitor its vehicles or staff

2 Color coding of vehicle listing Green denotes engine on and moving at specific speed Easy and immediate identification on status of vehicle
Red denotes engine off and not moving
Yellow/orange denotes engine on and idling

3 Google map Licensed google map provides + or – 5 meters accuracy Pinpoint accuracy with surrounding point of interest for
with flexibility of street map and satellite map esay identification

4 Overall fleet viewing of vehicle on map Enable overview of ovrall fleet of vehicles and its location Provides overview for immediate view
for easy viewing

5 Location summary of fleet Provides a full page summary of whole fleet of vehicle listing, date Auto refresh based on polling frequency set for real time time tracking
and time, location, status, event, fuel level, latittue & longtitue, etc

6 Real time or almost real time status of Icon on map provides immediate identification of vehicle Provides real time information of vechile status and staff
each vehicle registration no, its location, its status (engine on or off),
if engine on idling or speed travelling, latitude & longtitiude,
its fuel level (if integrated with fuel sensor), date & time

7 Alerts can be set for the following:- Alerts via SMS to assigned mobile phones, emails and pop ups
- panic button alert Emergency or hijack anti hijack
- overspeeding driver exceeded pre-set speed limit prevent driver over speeding
- geo fencing date & time stamp vehicle enter/exit selected geo fenced location capture vehicle real time entry and exit of selected sites/locations
- main power off alert for battery/power disconnection pevent theft of vehicle or vehicle battery
- engine on & engine off alert when vehelce engine on/off alert to prevent theft
- fuel siphoning (if integrated with fuel sensor) alert when fuel level sudden drop prevent driver theft of fuel
- immobilize vehicle immobilze and mobilize vehicle via mobile phones engine fuel cut or starter cut to immobilize vehicle in the event of theft

8 Geo Fencing User can select specific locations/sites with pin point accuracy Ensure vehicles are return to depot every evening/day to prevent abuse
for geo fencing with radius from 50m to 10km to monitor vehicle by drivers, moonlighting by drivers, and ensure that vehicles are present
entry/exit into geo fenced lcoations during operations etc

9 Historical Tracking Enables user to play back historical route of vehicles

10 Group Settings Whole fleet can be set into group or different grouping with Provides different division or department for separate tracking and viewing
different ID & password for selected tracking by group or groupings
or overall group track and trace

11 Mobile tracking With mobile phones, can still secure advice on location of vehicle Provides mobile tracking
with SMS command

12 iPhone tracking With iPhone, can still view overall location summary and full Provides mobile tracking 24X7
website of the GPS tracking system

13 Reports Many reports and some of which are:- Provides user to monitor its fleet operations
Journey summary, no of hours engine on, events, journey history,
overspeeding, distance travelled in km, date & time stamp entry/exit
into geo fenced location/site, fuel siphoning, fuel usage, alerts,
graphs, speed profile etc etc

14 Fuel monitoring – Optional Integrated with fuel sensor can capture 3 primary events namely:- Eliminate dishonesty from drivers
- fuel siphoning – theft of fuel by drivers
- fuel pilferage – theft of fuel by drivers during top up/replenishment
- fuel pilferage – using fleet card – theft by drivers during top up

15 Anti towing – Optional Alert if theft of vehicle occurs by means of towing Alert when tow as theft of vehicle

16 CCTV – Optional Capture and record events in and around the vehicle Playback for viewing

17 RFID – Optional Attached trailers to alert when detached from prime mover