Haulage Management Systems

General Features
Real time on line information
Export screen information to MS Excel format etc
Drilled down feature
Powerful data analyzer engine
Web based application running on iis.. And language : asp

Administration Module – some administration function highlights
Access rights – User can define the access rights up to function level
Customer rate – User can specify the special rate (CHAM or non CHAM) and during the billing process, the system will automatically pull out all the relevant charges and thus avoid under, over or miss billing
Incentive type – Automation of driver commission calculation
Handling charges – Automation of invoice generation
Other charges – User can specify other charges that are billable eg FAF, reefer containers, side loader etc etc

Operation Module
Order entry – acceptance of order
Operation dashboard – This is the command or nerve centre for the whole operation process and all information can be viewed in a single screen and access to other functions are just a click away
Collection advice – Easy to search for all the pending containers for collection so as to provide proactive response
Driver allowance approval – Final verification of the automated driver commission before payment
Diesel log – Control the process of diesel usage and to generate reports of consumption
Gate pass – Process to control and manage the entire staged container in the yard
Claim investigation – Process to control and manage claims from customers
MT repo – MT reposition of containers requires different process for operations & billings

Billing Module
Invoice entry – The billing module can be integrated with our Financial system. Invoices generated by retrieving rates from standard haulage tariff or customer rates to ensure that billings are accurate and on time
Invoice approval – Invoices generated from HMS are posted directly to AR and general ledger automatically eliminating double entry of invoices into the accounting system

Costing Module
Cost entry – Capture costs related to trucks and generate profitability analysis by prime mover

Inquiry Module
Job inquiry – With a powerful search engine, the user can search for job information using any of the search criteria
Trailer status inquiry – Keeps track of all the trailers inclusive of uncoupled trailers at customer premises
Expiry inquiry – Keeps track of all the licenses expiry for prime movers, trailers, drivers etc
Daily performance inquiry – A digital dashboard for performance summary of the haulage operations

Reports Module
Management report – Covering performance analysis details by prime movers, trailers and driver, performance analysis summary by specific equipments, contributions by customers and many others
Operation report – Covering Pending delivery listing, pending collection listing, invoice listing,  trailer detention, etc and many others