Warehouse Management Systems

General Features
Real Time on-line information
Export information to MS Excel format etc
Drilled down feature
Powerful data analyzer engine
Web based application running on iis.. And language: asp

Administration Module (some administration function highlights)
Access Rights – Users can define the access rights up to function level
Storage Type – This is where the user can define the storage computation for goods stored in the warehouse. User can define the storage computation on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
Insurance Type – This is where the user can define insurance computation stored in the warehouse and can define insurance computation by a daily, weekly or monthly basis
Location – Users can define the location of the warehouse be it racking or non racking system
Stock – Users can define regular stocks with dimension of packaging, shelf life, FIFO, weight etc

Inventory Module
Stock in entry – ASN, receiving and the put away function and options for inventory by suppliers, value of stocks, batch lot numbers etc..
Stock out entry – This is the final process where stocks are picked and taken out of the warehouse to be delivered to the customers. It can trigger billing for any handling done during the stock out process
Reverse Logistics – For returns

Billing Module
Quotation entry – This is where user specifies the rate and billing methodology and during the process, the system can automatically pull out the relevant charges and avoid any under billing, over billing or miss billing
Invoice entry – The billing will ensure that all invoices generated will be processed and approved and can be exported as AP to external financial system

Inquiry Module
Stock balance inquiry – With a powerful search engine, user can inquire the available stock in the warehouse
Stock movement inquiry – Users can track the movement of the stocks from the initial stock to the complete stock out
General inquiry – With a powerful search engine, users can inquire any of the search criteria

Reports Module
Management Reports – Many reports for management analysis
Operational reports – Many reports on the daily, weekly, monthly activities in the warehouse operations